Harmony Highlands Singing School is located near Jasper, Alabama where every Summer, students learn the rudiments of music, including beat patterns, sight reading music, harmonies, and leading congregational singing a capella, in the traditional “Do, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol, La, Ti, Do” style.  There are classes starting at the Pre-school age through High school and all adults.  To hear the voices of God’s Children singing praises to Him is truly a great joy and blessing.

Below are some links to individual songs that were sung at the 2019 session of the singing school.  We hope these songs will be a blessing for you to both listen to and sing along.

Your Redemption Draws Nigh

Ye Servants of God

Why Mourning Soul

The Gospel According to Peter

The King of Glory Reigns

Return To The Beloved

Rejoice Ye Sons of God

Prayer Hymn

Our Daysman

O God Beyond All Praising

Lord In The Morning


It is Well With My Soul

How Oft, Alas! This Wretched Heart

How Fearfully, How Wonderfully

How Vast The Benefits Divine

How Sweet, How Heavenly

Grace Tis A Charming Sound

Gently Lord, O, Gently Lead Us

Cast Down But Not Destroyed

Carry On (Adapted from an African Hymn)

Beulah Land

Beneath The Sacred Throne

As Thirsts The Hart

Below are some Hymns sung at previous Sessions of Harmony Highlands Singing School

Ye Fleeting Charms

Wonderful Grace

When Thou My Righteous Judge

Watchman Tell Me Does The Morning

To The Cross

Till The Storm Passes By

Sweet Rivers of Redeeming Love

Sevenfold Amen

Return My Beloved

Grace Sufficient


May The Grace Of Christ Our Savior

Holy Holy Holy

Faith Reviving

My Soul Come Meditate the Day

In That Morning

I Will Call Upon The Lord

In Christ Alone

I’m But A Wandering Pilgrim

How Tedious and Tasteless the Hours

Child of Grace

How Fearfully, How Wonderfully

How Can I A Lowly Mortal

Here In The Vineyard

Hallelujah Praise Jehovah


Farther Along

Exalt The Lord

Beulah Land

Awakening Chorus

Amazing Grace