Over the past 13 years, by God’s grace and direction of the Holy Spirit, several Primitive Baptist ministers have traveled to the continent of Africa to preach the Gospel.  The full account and history could not be told here, but it began by a Tanzanian coming to the U.S. to study at a bible college in Birmingham, AL.  He was led to a church called Vestavia Primitive Baptist Church, pastored by Elder Sam Bryant.  He was welcomed lovingly by the church, and his testimony was, “For the first time, my ears heard what my heart had always known.”  That African’s name was Obey Ndalima Mwakalonge.

Over the next two years, he studied with Elder Bryant, and preached among God’s people here in the U.S.  He was ordained to the full work of the Gospel Ministry just prior to his return to his homeland of Tanzania.   He had a desire to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ to his fellow Africans.  He began to preach to his wife, Mary and his family.  The word of the Gospel quickly spread, and more of their friends wanted to hear the truth of Salvation by Grace, and the finished work of our Savior.  The church was constituted on our first trip to Africa in 2006.  During that visit, one of the members said, “It is our hope that this truth will spread across Africa with the speed that Aids has.”  Since that time, many doors of utterance have been opened in other countries, starting with Kenya, and reaching as far as South Africa, Uganda, Zambia and Ghana.  Elder Vernon Johnson has been instrumental in providing essays on various doctrines of the Bible that we hold fast to, including Justification, Redemption, Salvation and Church identity and practice.  He has visited Africa many times.

On our most recent trip in 2019, we went to both Kenya and Tanzania to strengthen the brethren and, as the Apostle Paul said, “see how they do”.  Elder Charles Kitchens, Elder Derrick Kitchens, Elder David Wise, Elder Silas Ford and myself studied with about 65 local pastors in the Kisii area that have reached out to Elder Vernon Johnson concerning the doctrines of salvation by Grace and have expressed a heavy interest in learning more about the truth of God’s Word. On the last day of our teachings, the statement was made, “You preachers have taught us doctrines from the Bible using the scriptures, not just what you think in your head, or from material you brought.” Please pray as Elder Martin Onyoni and Elder Charles Kenyanjui have much work to do in the long term teaching and establishing these men in the faith. All in all, there were over 45 people that submitted themselves for baptism in Kenya and Tanzania combined.

Over the past 6-7 years, brother John Blevins has brought to them perhaps the most vital requirement for life and health – Clean Water.  Every water test he did confirmed that there is NO clean water there, that the people use, except for bottled water, which is expensive.  He taught them how to purify water with some portable water systems as well as setting up many permanent water treatment systems, and provided much teaching on safe water practices and how to maintain the systems.  Over the past few years, doors have opened for Brother John to provide treatment plants to schools, hospitals and has developed some contacts with some of the officials in some of the local governments. 

Please pray for this Ministry,  that the Gospel would spread, His name would be glorified, and His people in Africa would be strengthened and comforted by the truth of the Gospel.

Also, please pray for these poor saints as they have a great need for financial assistance from America. Below is a picture of a meeting house of a fellowship that Elder Charles and I visited in Mya Mya, Tanzania, led by brother Abraham, who has been with the church in Dar es Salaam, TZ since Obey was the pastor. They are in great need of a sufficient meeting house. I have been informed by Elder Kenny Mwankenja (pastor of the Church in Dar) that it would cost $4,000 to build them a sand-brick and tin-roofed meeting house. If the Spirit moves you to help with this effort, please contact Elder Paul Blair or Elder Charles Kitchens personally. God Bless you.

The African Song, “Mungu Ni Pendo” – God is Love

The links below are several different occasions of singing during our recent trip to Kenya and Tanzania. File 1, File 2, File 3, File 4

The links below are to various sermons preached by Elders Paul Blair, Charles Kitchens, Adam Kinsaul, Kenny Mwankenja and Kezala Ngoma through the use of an interpreter.

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